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    Agrorina provides tropical agro products with compliance to socio-environmental sustainability. We also prioritize the social livelihood by enhancing the quality and productivity of smallholder farmers

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    collaboration and commitment between local communities, company, and all parties involved to create progressive economic cycle

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    We strive to become the tree of fair market. We work hard to be an immediate bridge not only to link between farmers and end-users, thus ensuring farmers’ prosperity.

Tropical Commodities

Indonesia, with the tropical climate and the diversity of many plants and other natural resources has made the country as the center of tropical commodities like herbal plants, peanut, and spices. The high fertile and vulcan soil gives best performance for the cultivation.

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Fair Market

The term of fair trade lead global society to concern for better life for the farmers, consumers, and environmental too. Agrorina strives to become the "tree to fair market". We work hard to be an immediate bridge not only to link up between farmer and end-user, but also between farmers and their prosperity.

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Chain of Commodities

The tropical agri product were spread along the indonesian island. To optimizing the resources for potential market, we placing the projects point in four main island in Indonesia. that's our strategy to reduce the time of distribution and assure the quality of commodities

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The Increasing of tropical agriculture commodities for global market has become one of the main issues of global sustainability for agricultural product. The term of sustainability itself not just the environment, the livelihood of local farmers need to be included too. Next, some of them can't get the proper revenue because of monopolized business that happened, and the low of managing system for the commodities transportation and productions. To overcome these problem, We trying to help them by fostering of productivity, quality, and assist to enter fair market

Furthermore, our objectives are to revamping the management of value chain from farmers, it aims to raise the farmer incomes and development the technique of processing which involve rural communities. The project of Agrorina are to establish the connection between farmer and central market, the main focus of the project is sharing knowledge between all parties involved. That will boost the production levels of plantation and guiding the new method of good agricultural practice. The project expected encourage the organic practice for certifying the farmers and their communities.

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Support Socio Environmental Program

Nowadays, the attention to environmental and social impacts on tropical commodities cultivation are still lacking among businessman . Moreover, the local farmers need to be assisted to conduct a good agricultural practice to reduce the use of chemical materials The farmersshould also cooperate with us in terms of the global supply-demand of tropical commodities. It is intended to create a favorable business of all parties involved.