The Indonesian Coffee

Coffee is a type of beverage that is important for most people throughout the world. Not only because of the enjoyment of consumers of coffee drinkers but also because of the economic value of countries that produce and export coffee beans (such as Indonesia). For some people this product, made from the seeds of a roasted coffee plant (flowering plant of the Rubiaceae family), is referred to as "the second most legally traded commodity" in human history

The subtropical and tropical regions are good locations for coffee cultivation. Therefore, of course Indonesia is a country that has the character of coffee that is loved by many people

Coffee was introduced in the archipelago by the Dutch who initially planted coffee trees around their territory in Batavia but then quickly expanded coffee production to the Bogor and Sukabumi areas in West Java in the 17th and 18th centuries. Indonesia proved to have an almost ideal climate for coffee production and hence plantations were soon established in other regions of Java, Sumatra and also in Sulawesi.

The popularity of Indonesian coffee beans has reached all corners of the world. This is not surprising if Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producers. Therefore if you want to enjoy coffee, then choose archipelago coffee. This authentic Indonesian coffee has the advantages of a variety of varieties, qualities and flavors that vary. Indonesia's superiority has also been recognized by the world.

More specifically, Indonesian coffee beans have a unique variety of flavors, such as Aceh coffee that appears with a thick chocolate flavor and there is also coffee that tastes like salak fruit and has a spicy flavor. Each variety of coffee beans has a distinctive taste because it is influenced by the area where the coffee is grown. The tropical climate in Indonesia, its vast territory, many high mountains and areas that have high water availability are Indonesia's advantages for growing coffee. Other factors that affect taste are conditions of soil fertility, nutrient availability, soil chemical content in Indonesia, geographical factors and rainfall, as well as treatment factors of coffee plantations in Indonesia. In addition, Indonesian coffee farmers are known as tenacious, diligent farmers and provide maximum care for managed coffee plantations. These factors make the quality and taste of Indonesian coffee superior.